Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kisses From Katie...Beauty from Monica

I'm reading "Kisses from Katie" by Katie Davis this week and am vey near the end. Katie is a very young woman, living in Uganda, and doing her best to be who God has asked her to be. You can read more about her and the ministry she runs here and here.

Katie has me thinking because she's quite passionate and all passionate people make me think. She talks extensively about the needs in Uganda and the depth of poverty there. Her words make it seem obvious that she is both called and amazingly gifted to minister in this way.

I'm also reading this. This is Monica's blog. I've been reading her writings for years. She writes about all things beautiful and lovely. Monica's heart is beautiful. She makes the time to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. She also is obviously gifted and called and she blesses those around her who are uplifted by her ministry.

Katie is saving people from death. Monica is only making people smile. Only, I don't think God sees it that way. I think I made that up all by myself. I think Katie is doing exactly what she's supposed to be and Monica is doing exactly what she should and God doesn't see anything but daughters doing what He made them to do.

I hope I'm not alone in this "complex" of mine. I am forever deciding that even though I know this is exactly where God has put me (well, most days I do), it's not as important or even worse, it's not a real ministry. Let's not do that. If we weren't part of the plan, we wouldn't be here. God chose us because He loves us and He made a plan just for us and what we do matters. Nose wiping and all.

When Jesus sent them all out, He didn't say go save lives or make beauty. He did say, "Make disciples." Both ladies are using the gifts God has given them to, in their own way, do just that. I can do that too.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I liked this week...

Let's see...

This post about bringing someone a meal meant a lot to me as I'm thinking not just about sharing meals but how to create community.

I need to make this scrub because dry winter skin is coming and the stuff in the stores bothers my sensitive skin. It couldn't be simpler and probably costs a lot less too.

I really like these words about dressing in style and comfort.

And this. This is where I'll be next week. Sigh. I love this place.